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Here we are serving our endowment services in horse saddlery business since last five years at the offline basis. And now, we introduce our company to online business for the dispensation of our products. We always staunch to bestow the best quality of tack products. And we deal in all kind of horse saddlery items, such as leather & nylon halters, English & Western saddle pads, horse blankets, etc. Here, we also endeavor the custom sizes and also provide variations in designs. There is also a variety of colors that will add up merriment to your experience. We provide all these contrasts according to our customer's urge.

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saddle pads
The saddle is a prerequisite piece of horse riding accessories which forms a direct link between you and the horse. There are two varieties of the saddle present, named as English saddle & Western saddle. It is a supportive structure for a rider, tied to a horse's back by a cinch.
Nylon Dog Collars
A horse blanket is just a blanket or a coat anticipated for keeping a horse warm or protect from wind or other rudiments. Horse blanket is tailored to fit around a horse's body with straps.
Leather Dog Collars
A halter is a headcollar which is used to lead or tie up horses. Leather halter is a standard style for around the horse, shelter or on fairgrounds, whereas a nylon halter can be glee to give your horse a chunk of color.
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Fleece horse blanket
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Nylon Halter
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They Customized Saddles for me, and the delivered product is perfect.
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I had placed an order for saddle pads at HORZE SADDLERY, And I have got the exact product that I had seen Online.
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I have a problem with having a bulk of saddles, but you made it for me. Thanx for completing my order on time. Great job guys.
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The customized item, which I had ordered from your site, is an excellent product. I am happy with your work.
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What are equestrian and tack items

Tack or equestrian products in respects to its use on horses can be defined as any equipment used in riding or driving horses. Tack items are made of many different kinds of materials, although leather is the material that is used traditionally to make best and designer equestrian products. Synthetic tack is also available in the market according to the needs of buyers. Every horse must have its equipment. So that it can be adjusted to the proper fit of a unique horse. This equipment should be selected to suit the proposed use and fit both horse and rider. The following are relevant facts about some of the more common tack articles. Certainly, it is not possible to list all tack items. As an example, giving a quick and easy description of some main examples of equestrian products are, Saddles, these are a supportive structure for a rider fastened to an animal's back. Saddles are commonly handcrafted on leather is the equestrian saddle designed for a horse. There is a difference in designs varies according to the countries that suited their particular uses at the time they were applied.


how to select halter for horses

There are many different types of horse halters. We are presenting here a list of several different halters and their advantages.   Leather Halters Leather halters are the most expensive and durable halters. The best quality leather halters will help you well for many reasons. The first reason is that the leather is flexible and strong. The second reason is, it fits much better than most of the other style of halters. Generally, Leather halters are said to be safer than others because they will break if a horse gets hooked on something. However, they can be repaired and generally helps the owner well. Mostly leather halters are handcrafted and come in many styles and sizes. The leather is a supple material and the stitching is very good. The hardware which is used in making halters is usually solid brass.


How To Prepare And What We Need For Horse Back Riding.

When we thought of maintaining a ranch for horses, it means we need many things for horses depending on the climate or weather in which we are living. There are lots of products in the market for protecting horses during the riding sessions as well as during the resting period of horses in the stable. Having horses means hauling them to arenas, forest trails, etc. When we are riding horses, it means we need lots of accessories. Saddles, bridles, pads, girth, leads, and many more are the accessories which are useful for the riders to stay over the horse and also provide comfort to the horses. All the components which were used during riding and shows have different works to be performed for the comfort of riders and horses. The first thing which is used by the riders to prepare the horse for riding is the saddle pad. Pads are of two types, English and Western saddle pads. The first type of pads are designed to fit on the curves of the horse and the second type is the square pads which are made to cover the lager part of the horse's body. The main objective of using saddle pads is to protect the horse body from rubbing of saddles. The second thing used during riding is saddles.


Technicalities Of Nylon Halters

Halter is also known as a headgear that is used to guide the horses. Halters are one of the most essential items for any horse owner. Every horse needs a halter at the time of riding because it is the only thing which can guide them in which direction the horse has to walk or run. Nylon halters belong from the halter category and mostly used by the riders. These halters are durable enough to withstand even the toughest of weather conditions without losing their effectiveness. Halters are often plain in design, used as working equipment on a daily basis. In addition to the halter, a lead line, lead shank or lead rope is required to tie the halter. Nylon halters come in a regular style or with a breakaway crown for extra safety. In Nylon Halter's different variety of fittings like nickel, brass, and copper are also available which will add extra fun to the halters. These halters come in lots of fun colors, prints, or patterns. They are very durable as well as washable.


All About English Saddles

Horzesaddlery. com completely understands your needs with respect to horse riding. We are here to help you to achieve the comfort and protection, well-being and back health of you and your horse. We provide customized saddles and accessories which will give your horse a better fitting. In general, saddles are a supportive structure which provides support to the riders as well as the horses too. Saddles are an important part of equestrian products. English saddles are mainly used for equestrian sports and horse races. The main reason behind the use of English saddle for horse racing is that they are specifically developed to allow the horses the freedom of movement whether they are jumping, running, or moving quickly across the rugged.   CONSTRUCTION OF THE ENGLISH SADDLE The structure of the English saddle is based on the solid tree which is covered with leather and padding material. Basically, the tree of English saddle is made up of laminated layers of high-quality wood, reinforced with steel beneath the front curve, and around the rear bottom of the tree from quarter to quarter. PARTS OF ENGLISH SADDLE As other saddles, English saddle has some parts.


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