What are equestrian and tack items

Tack or equestrian products in respects to its use on horses can be defined as any equipment used in riding or driving horses. Tack items are made of many different kinds of materials, although leather is the material that is used traditionally to make best and designer equestrian products. Synthetic tack is also available in the market according to the needs of buyers.

Every horse must have its equipment. So that it can be adjusted to the proper fit of a unique horse. This equipment should be selected to suit the proposed use and fit both horse and rider. The following are relevant facts about some of the more common tack articles.

Certainly, it is not possible to list all tack items. As an example, giving a quick and easy description of some main examples of equestrian products are, Saddles, these are a supportive structure for a rider fastened to an animal's back. Saddles are commonly handcrafted on leather is the equestrian saddle designed for a horse. There is a difference in designs varies according to the countries that suited their particular uses at the time they were applied. The most commonly used saddles in today's time are English and Western saddles.

Stirrups are a light frame or ring that holds the foot of a rider over the horse's back, it is attached to the saddles with the help of straps, often called a stirrup leather. These are usually paired and used to support in mounting and as an aid while using a riding horse. They hugely increase the rider's ability to stay in the saddle and control.

Bridles are a piece of equipment that is used to direct a horse. Bridles are also known as Headgears. It includes both the headstall that holds a part that goes in the mouth of a horse and the reins. There are many different designs with many different name variations are available, and all are uses nosebands, that are intended to exert pressure on sensitive areas of the horse's face to give direction and control.

Halters or also known as headcollar is a part of headgear that is used to lead or tie up the horses, it fits behind the ears and the muzzle. To command the horses, a lead rope or a leash is attached to the halter.

Reins are consist of leather bands or rope attached to the outer ends of a bit (A bit is a device placed in a horse's mouth, kept on a horse's head through a headstall.)and extend to the rider's or hands. Reins are used by the rider to communicate with the horse and gives the directional commands to the horse's head. Stretching on the reins can be used to drive or stop the horse. The sides of a horse's mouth are sensitive, so stretching on the reins pulls the bit, which pulls the horse's head from side to side to control the horse.

Saddle Pads are the main components of tack items due to which the body of horses is protected against friction caused by the saddle rubbing and getting scratched or wounded through the saddles over the horse's back. And it also helps to protect the saddle by absorbing some of the horse’s sweat. The surface of various saddle pads is typically made of a durable and washable fabric, such as cotton with polyester fibers, quilted over a thin layer of polyfill. Depending on the materials used to make the saddle pad and its special design features, it can provide much more functionality as well.

And there are many other items used in handling and caring for horses all are forms of horse tack. Dressing a horse or fixing a saddle and bridle on the horse's back is often referred to as tacking up.

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