All About English Saddles completely understands your needs with respect to horse riding. We are here to help you to achieve the comfort and protection, well-being and back health of you and your horse. We provide customized saddles and accessories which will give your horse a better fitting.

In general, saddles are a supportive structure which provides support to the riders as well as the horses too. Saddles are an important part of equestrian products. English saddles are mainly used for equestrian sports and horse races. The main reason behind the use of English saddle for horse racing is that they are specifically developed to allow the horses the freedom of movement whether they are jumping, running, or moving quickly across the rugged. 


The structure of the English saddle is based on the solid tree which is covered with leather and padding material. Basically, the tree of English saddle is made up of laminated layers of high-quality wood, reinforced with steel beneath the front curve, and around the rear bottom of the tree from quarter to quarter.


As other saddles, English saddle has some parts.

Tree: the base of the saddle on which the whole structure is built, normally based on wood or wood-like synthetic material, with a metal component, such as the stirrup bar and in some cases the gullet. It is ultimately covered with leather or synthetic material as the saddle is built.

Panels: it is the cushioning between the horse's back and the saddle, and allows adjustment in fitting the saddle to the horse. 

Gullet: This is the space between the bars of the saddle which provides clearance for the horse's spine so the saddle does not place pressure on it. 

Seat: it is the lowest part of the saddle's top line where the rider's seat bones rest. It gives more security to the rider when the seat is deeper.

Pommel: the front part of the saddle, which is raised higher than the seat to provide security for the rider and the horse.

Cantle: the back part of the saddle, it is raised higher than the seat to give security.

Saddle flap: This is the large piece of leather which lies on the exterior side of English saddle that goes between the rider's leg and the billets and girth buckles.

Billets: These are the straps which are secured over the saddle tree on strong webbing and swing down, to which the girth is buckled. 

Stirrup: the rider's feet rest on the stirrups, it provides support and leverage to the rider.

 Our team aims to provide best-customized saddle solutions for you and your horse. And always tries to make all the parts of the saddles with extra care and attention for the better support of our customers.


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