Type Of Horse Saddle Pads

Saddle pads can also be called as saddle cloth. when they are placed under the saddle, the cushion present in the pad protects the horse's back from rubbing of the saddle and also helps to absorb the sweat from the body of the horse.

The saddle pads are of lightweight usually, these pads are made with the layers of felt, foam or some other lightweight materials which were sandwiched between a tough outer layer on the top and a soft layer on the side horse's skin contact. Maximum shocks can be absorbed by the pads, and they can also minimize the exhaustion of the horse's back muscles.

The saddle pads of various shapes or styles can be used with any type of saddle.  we’ll find two primary types of saddle pad – western and English.


These are the styled pads probably more comfortable. English saddle pads are normally thicker because they are usually made from foam or fiber. Shapes of English saddle pad can vary, ranging from square and oval styles. These can more closely fit the contours of horse’s back.


Western pads are more blanket-like and provide more coverage than the English saddle pads.The size of this pad should be around 35 inches square.Mainly the design of the western saddle pads are square and made from wool or wool-like synthetic material.


Numnahs are just another word for ‘saddle pad’.They do the same job as other saddle pads, but slightly differ in shape – regular saddle pads are more square in shape, while numnahs are saddle shaped.


Half saddle pads are smaller in size than regular saddle pads and shaped like the contours of horse’s back. They fit over the top of a normal pad and under the saddle to provide more comfortable fit. They can be made from various materials, including sheepskin, fur and neoprene.

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